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Education and Training

Courses & Workshops

Seven wellbeing Centre is a first class centre offering exceptional training in complementary therapies.

Whether you are wanting a professional qualification, to refresh your skills and enrich your knowledge, or a beginners workshop for personal interest, we have something for you.

We are a registered college with ITEC and FHT verified course provider.

Complementary Therapy Diplomas

If you are planning a career in complementary therapies, it is important that you feel prepared for practice beyond wellbeing treatments for well people.

If you aim only to treat people who have no medical conditions, you will be narrowing your customer base to a small proportion of the population and you will be unprepared for changes in the health of those you do treat. Most of all, you could miss out on the satisfaction of bringing comfort and practical help to people at times when they need it the most.

Our complementary therapy courses are delivered by an experienced teaching team with specialist knowledge and experience gained through many years of practice within a clinical field. The courses are designed in consultation with complementary therapists working within BHC who provide a unique insight into the experiences of working as part of clinical team. It is our aim to train expert practitioners who are able to work with real patients' in real situations.

We will raise your awareness of a variety of environments, conditions and situations to give you the underpinning knowledge that will prepare you to be a safe and effective practitioner, understanding how your therapy influences disease and healing processes so you can maximize its benefits while minimizing the risks.

You will have the assurance that your qualifications meet with the latest national occupational standards and educational quality assurance, earning you Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) points which you can take with you throughout your life long learning.

Why Seven Wellbeing

Why Seven Wellbeing?

A person's wellbeing is dependent upon seven primary areas of wellbeing namely: social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, occupational and environmental.

These seven aspects of wellbeing are entwined in the ethos of caring for someone within the Hospice environment. Therefore, they are an essential part of how we care for people and also what we teach.