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5 Elements

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5 Elements

The work shop is suitable for all health workers and complementary therapists, and is especially relevant to DYT graduates and students, as the 5 Elements principle underpins the unique relationship between all energy and matter; and forms the basis for Eastern medicine and complementary therapies.

‘Heaven may well have a plan for us, a seed planted at conception within, but whether we have the will, the desire to activate what is in our hearts; to release our innate potential depends on what significance and belief structure we attach to our life’s experiences’.

The Chinese refer to the upper and lower classes of medicine, the upper classes of medicine being about how we might fulfil our destiny. This workshop sets out to identify and underpin how embracing this eastern philosophy can enhance our ability to heal and nurture those within our care.

Participants will learn different ways of developing treatment plans for their clients, giving them a more person centred approach, which shows that the health of the spirit is essential to a person’s well being, helping you to treat the” whole”.

The work shop is suitable for all health workers and complementary therapists, and is especially relevant to Daoyin Tao graduates and students.

The day will focus on the theory of 5 elements including the relevance of person centred relationships and the way assessing individual relationships to nature can be used to help fulfil potential.

There will be a focus on imbalances including emotional and constitutional imbalance and the internal and external causes of disease. This will be explored in relation to the physical body, organs, ailments and sensory signs of health and illness.

The information learned will be used to facilitate inner development of the practitioner, and the development of treatment plans for their clients.

Topics covered include:

  • The journey between heaven and earth
  • The three treasures
  • The importance of spirit; jing-shen
  • Introduction to yin and yang
  • The theory of 5 elements
  • Identifying imbalances including constitutional imbalances and both  internal/ external causes of disease
  • Identifying sensory signs; emotional imbalance, colour, odour, ailments, the organs, physical weaknesses and key resonances
  • Inner development of the practitioner
  • Treatment plans within various modalities

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