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Meridians Workshop

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Meridians Workshop

An introduction to the energy pathways of the body which according to Eastern philosophy regulate all bodily function. No previous experience necessary.

Meridians are the energy pathways or life force which, in Eastern philosophy, are believed to regulate all bodily function. It is thought energy or Qi must flow freely through the meridians for the body to remain healthy. Blockages in Qi may occur due to bad habits, the environment and stress, and this in turn will lead to ill health.

This workshop is suitable for all,no previous experience is neccessary. The techniques learned throughout the day can be used safely with friends and family or to enhance patient/client care. A certificate of attendance will be awarded on completion of the workshop.

Course contents

  • What is energy
  • What are meridians
  • locating the meridians
  • The 26 meridians and their pairings
  • Indicators of inbalance and common health problems associated with each meridian
  • 5 meridian elements and how to work with them to encourage balance
  • The Horary Clock
  • Using pressure and massage to support healthy Qi.

The workshop combines theory and practical identification, location and stimulation of meridians. Pictorial guides and information will be available as an aide memoir for learners to use in practice.



The Seven Wellbeing Centre is an ITEC approved training centre.

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