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Reiki 2

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The start date for the next course will be confirmed shortly. If you would like information about the start date please contact us and we will notify you as soon as the date is confirmed.

Reiki 2 is offered once you have had time to practice and develop the skills learned during Reiki 1. Reiki 2 deepens your connection and is essential if you are considering future professional practice.

Central to Reiki is the concept that an energy flow exists within all living things and supports life.  This energy, or ki, is accessed during Reiki practice to balance mind, body and spirit.

This step on your Reiki journey is a further attunement and introduction to the Reiki symbols.  Completed over one full weekend together with a follow-up support session.  Workshop content includes:

  • Origins, meanings and uses of the Reiki symbols
  • Self-treatment with the symbols
  • Sending Reiki (distant healing)
  • Creating a healing space
  • Relationship between mind, body and spirit
  • Meditation and breathing techniques
  • Self care
  • Code of Ethics

Your development and learning will include reflective practice and evidence of recorded treatments, both on self and others.

There are opportunities to practice and develop at our weekly Reiki Share evenings, the first three of which are included in your course fee.

Next Course:  21/22 October 2017

Cost: £200


The Seven Wellbeing Centre is an ITEC approved training centre.

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For more information please contact us on 01642 662785, email us or use our online booking form.

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