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The Happiness Code - How to be happy in a Stressful world

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The start date for the next course will be confirmed shortly. If you would like information about the start date please contact us and we will notify you as soon as the date is confirmed.

Do you find it hard to juggle your life with so many stressful things going on these days? Do you feel overwhelmed / anxious? Do you want to have more control of your emotions your thinking? If so, Steve Norton Anxiety Specialist is running a brand new seminar to help you deal with life a lot better. With over 21 years experience working with every type of issue Steve will show you how to remove the blocks that stand in the way of happiness.

A former anxiety sufferer who turned his life around with hypnotherapy, Steve specialises in all anxiety related conditions such as panic attacks, phobias, OCD, stress, alchohol and other substance addictions.  Steve has been a Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy for 21 years.

A weight-management consultant and author of the 'No Excuse Weight Loss Programme', a Certified Blueprint Practitioner, Level 1 BWRT Practitioner and has had extensive NLP training over the years, Steve has also trained with ITV's Nik and Eva Speakman with equally successful results.

This two hours seminar has the potential to change your life once and for all, delivered in our purpose built training room at Seven Wellbeing Centre.

What you will learn on this seminar:

  • How and why you think the way you do memories
  • How negative thoughts, beliefs and memories are created
  • How negative thoughts, beliefs and memories can be changed
  • How to challenge Phobias
  • How to address Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • How to alter past painful memories
  • How to gain confidence
  • How to increase your self esteem
  • How to gain motivation
  • How to create a positive frame of mind

The afternoon closes with a group relaxation session to send you on your way feeling positive about your future.

This seminar is 'teenage-friendly'.  If your young person is experiencing difficulties with exam nerves / performance pressure / school issues / social media / anxiety / growing up, you may want to bring them along too (normal fee applicable).

Date:  To be scheduled - contact us to register your interest

Time:  3-5pm

Cost:  £25

For more information or to book a place, please contact Seven Wellbeing Centre on (01642) 662785 or email:




The Seven Wellbeing Centre is an ITEC approved training centre.

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For more information please contact us on 01642 662785, email us or use our online booking form.

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