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Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Band

Gastric Band surgery can be a life-changing procedure but like any form of surgery there are potential dangers which means for some surgery is not an option.

What is a Virtual Gastric Band ?

The Virtual Gastric Band is an effective method of achieving and maintaining significant weight loss and a healthy weight without the worries and risks of major  surgery. The method potentially offers people the benefits of surgery but without the pain, recovery time, associated risks, hospitalisation and inconvenience associated with a major operation. 

Unlike actual surgery, the Virtual Gastric Band uses a form of hypnosis to convince the body that stomach capacity has been drastically reduced so that appetite decreases and you feel more motivated to adopt better eating habits for life.

Can I Benefit From a Virtual Gastric Band?

Just like the surgical procedure, the Virtual Gastric Band impacts upon both a person’s eating habits and lifestyle. However the VGB utilises a change in mind set and feelings around food which then help to enhance commitment and motivation to make permanent positive changes. But please remember you cannot be hypnotized against your will, you must really want to make changes to your eating habits for the treatment to be successful.

If you undergo the treatment you will be expected to limit calorie intake to smaller quantities of nutritionally rich food per day until healthy weight has been reached so you must be prepared to make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle for the therapy to be of benefit.

Prior to treatment a full assessment will be made to determine your suitability. This involves finding out why you want to lose weight, the reasons why you have  become overweight and also any health problems that may make the treatment inadvisable. The treatment is not suitable for those who only have a small amount of weight to lose and if you are on some forms of medication or treatment from your doctor we may require their agreement before you are accepted for the Virtual Gastric Band.

Virtual Gastric Band therapy is often suitable for those who are identified as too high risk for surgery such as smokers, diabetics and those with heart disease (factors often all too common to those who are struggling with their weight in the first place!) but again agreement from your doctor may be required.

Will I Put the Weight Back On?

Unlike the surgical procedure; this technique involves working with the individual to identify the root causes of overeating and give the client confidence to handle these issues. Because the technique involves completely changing your attitude towards food, you quickly develop healthier eating habits and will no longer need to overeat to satisfy cravings.

The success of the virtual gastric band treatment depends on clearly identifying the causal factors for your obesity and working with you to make positive changes in relation to those factors. The treatment you receive may be different to another person because we recognize that everyone is different and the treatment must be tailor made to your needs.

Most people achieve sustained weight loss using this technique.

How Is The Procedure Done? Will I Feel Anything?

During the free initial consultation you will be asked a range of questions concerning your general health, eating patterns and associated weight issues. 

The process of ‘implanting’ a Virtual Gastric Band is explained and    questions answered. Furthermore you will be made aware that the    Virtual Gastric Band like its surgical cousin requires a significant change to your dietary requirements and eating behaviour, a change which could impact upon your lifestyle.  

The aftercare programme is also discussed including an initial 2 week  Nutritional and Eating Plan, and subsequent maintenance schedule. In some cases it may be necessary for you to obtain agreement  from your GP or other physician prior to the procedure.

The Virtual Gastric Band is installed over the period of one day (usually) with sessions starting in the morning and continuing into the afternoon. The whole time is on a one to one basis with the hypnotherapist. During the day your eating habits are fully examined and the reasons for eating behaviour identified.  It is vital that you share this information fully otherwise the effectiveness of the Virtual Gastric Band will be compromised.

A Personal Treatment Schedule is generated and then applied to remove those obstacles which lead to overeating and have prevented dietary change in the past. Techniques are also introduced to improve your confidence in dealing with these issues and gain control of your   eating behaviour. The Virtual Gastric Band is then ‘tightened’ limiting you to eat just a small amount of food.  Many people feel the band gradually     tightening but this will not cause any pain.  

A follow up session of up to 1 hr is included together with an opportunity to return and have the band adjusted to allow you to maintain a healthy weight once it has been achieved. 

More Information ?

For information on prices, further information or to book your free assessment please contact us.

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